Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Bonus!

Thanksgiving in list form:

1. Watched some Thanksgiving football. Booooooooooo Cowboys!
2. Greeted arriving family by staying planted in front of TV set (this was due to a cat the size of Nebraska taking sleeping on my femurs... and laziness).
2-1/2. Change of plans in terms of those in attendence: Cousin Becky sick, scratched; Bobo, apparently was slated to come, but no one told me. She arrives with giant metal walking stick, which I don't recall seeing before. She looks good, but frail. She says I look very different with a beard and is delighted to see Nebraska sized cat.
3. Discussed issue of dying trees in my Uncle's neighborhood. Apparently some idiots planted trees on top of wire and burlap. The tree roots can't grow through it and they will die. Community is to vote on what to do about it (replant trees? let them die? somethings else?)
4. Ate turkey and things. Tonight's spread was less impressive than previous Thanksgivings, but no less delicious. I also managed to not eat so much as to make myself nauseated as at previous two Thanksgivings. Only fruit salad and barfday cake (in honor of my sister) for dessert. This was disappointing. No pie. What? No pie? No. No pie. Surely you jest! No. I don't. No chocolate either. Only fruit salad and barfday cake, and if you wanted, leftover asparagus from the dinner.
5. Laughing at my sister's bizarre decision making--for example, purchasing of sound system, including subwoofers 5,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger than an elephant, for her car before finishing the payments on her car. Her car now generates earthquakes and reverses time.
6. Gift giving and receiving. My sister received a bottle of beer and money, I think.
7. Blogging. Everyone is gone now. So I blog. For you, my adoring, invisible, imaginary audience.


Emiko said...

i like your sister's car, will it take me to 1996? and i'm here and im not wearing my invisibility cloak.

Emiko said...

foam rubber?? you must be heavy, btw what is this about??

theresa said...

you have a beard?! i want to see.

aaww, no pie! you were so excited.

i have a swollen gland in the back of my mouth the size of a quarter. i'm freaked out, man! FREAKED OUT! i'm hoping it's strep throat. hehe.