Monday, February 13, 2006

Dick Cheney... what a dick.

Cheney shot his millionaire hunting buddy. We're supposed to believe this was an accident. First of all, what the hell is Dick Cheney doing hunting? Shouldn't he be busy plotting the demise of civilization? Really though, for an administration that claims to have a lot of hard work to do all the time, they waste a lot of their efforts having fucking tea parties and and hugging their taxidermied animals. Hey, dipshits, how about instead of running around pretending like your fucking Roy Rogers, why don't you actually do some "hard work" and run the goddamn country like you're supposed to. Seriously. To quote Ivan Brunetti, "It's like a hamster trying to pilot a spaceship."

Also, as an amusing sidenote, the hunting buddy he shot was 78 years old. At that age it's probably best that he took one for the team. What the hell is a 78 year old man doing running around in the wilderness with a shotgun? Really, this kind of activity should be regulated. I mean, for god's sake, they have rules of fucking participation for fucking bumper cars. Jesus fuck.


Ben said...

A couple of important facts about Cheney's crazed rampage:
1. The guy was shot because he was rejoining the group and failed to announce himself properly. I have no idea why that's so funny.
2. Why do all the reports on the incident use words like "peppered" or "sprayed" instead of something simpler, like "shot"?
3. They were quail hunting. Quail hunting! Real big game hunting there, fellas. What, did they run out of fish in a barrel?

em said...
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theresa said...

when that happened, terry came running out of his room screaming: dick cheney just got shot!!!!!

we all had a shot of tequila. and went about our merry ways.

then he came back out screaming: fuck, i misread it. dick cheney shot his friend.

we all had a shot of tequila and shed of tear of sorrow.