Thursday, April 27, 2006

The List

Here's the list of memorable places I've eaten pizza from (in no particular order):

1. Pepperoncino's (5th Ave)
2. Patsy's (118th & 1st)
3. Patsy's (11th & University)
4. Totonno's (26th & 2nd)
5. Totonno's (81st & 2nd)
6. Totonno's (Coney Island)
7. Ray's (2nd & 94th)
8. John's (44th & 8th)
9. John's (Bleecker)
10. Bleecker Street Pizza (7th Ave)
11. No. 28 (near Bleecker)
12. DeMarco's (was on Houston, CLOSED)
13. Joe's (near Bleecker)
14. Abitino's (Bleecker)
15. Lombardi's (Spring St.)
16. Una Pizza Napoletana (12th & 1st; CLOSED)
17. Waldy's Wood-Fired Pizza (6th Ave.)
18. Luzzo's (1st Ave)
19. Nick's (94th & 2nd)
20. Nick's (Queens)
21. Sac's Place (Astoria)
22. Grimaldi's (Dumbo)
23. Angelo's (57th & 6th)
24. Di Fara (Midwood)
25. Franny's (Flatbush)
26. 5th Ave Pizza (5th & Union St.)
27. La Villa (5th Ave)
28. Anthony's (7th Ave)
29. Li'l Frankie's (1st Ave)
30. Gino's (Washington Ave)
31. Nino's (Franklin Ave)
32. Vinny Vincenz (1st Ave)
33. Monty's (Montague St.)
34. Two Boot's (Bleecker)
35. Two Boot's (Grand Central)
36. 33 (23rd & 8th)
37. Fornino's (Bedford Ave, Williamsburg)
38. La Pizza Fresca (20th & Broadway)
39. Graziella's (Vanderbilt Ave & Dekalb Ave)
40. Famiglia (Crap. Don't ever eat pizza from here.)
41. Lazzara's (38th b/t 7th & 8th; Square pie)
42. Serafina (somewhere in Midtown)
43. Celeste (Amsterdam Ave b/t 84th and 85th)
44. The Alligator Lounge (Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg)
45. Pizzatown (5th Ave., Park Slope)
46. Isabella's Oven (Grand St., LES; CLOSED)
47. Dean's (85th St. & Broadway, UWS)
48. Lucali (Henry St., Carroll Gardens)
49. Toby's Public House (South Slope/Sunset Park)
50. South Brooklyn Pizza (Court St. & 3rd Pl., Carroll Gardens)
51. Co. (24th & 9th)
52. Kesté (Bleecker)
53. Artichoke Basille (14th & 1st)
54. Pizza Mezzaluna (W. Houston; MacDougal)
55. Motorino (Graham Ave., Williamsburg; CLOSED)

56. Motorino (East Village)
57. Rose & Joe's Bakery (Astoria)
58. Rizzo's Fine Pizza (Astoria)
59. The House of Pizza & Calzone (Carroll Gardens)
60. Tomato & Basil (Park Slope)
61. Paulie Gee's (Greenpoint)

Plus a number of other corner slice shops that dot the cityscape.

To do list:

Best Pizza
Olio e Piú
South Brooklyn Pizza (Manhattan)
Artichoke Basille's (Westside)
Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery
San Marzano
L&B Spumoni Gardens
+ more!

My current top 10 (in order):

  1. Di Fara (excruciatingly long waits for works of edible art)
  2. Motorino (wood oven, crisp and tensile crust, delicate buffalo mozzarella— and excellent gelato!)
  3. Grimaldi's (coal oven perfection, quality pepperoni, and root beer)
  4. Anthony's (homemade cheese, amazingly delicious crust like fresh bread)
  5. Nick's (wood-fired, crust quality varies, excellent pepperoni, all in the exotic locale of Queens)
  6. Artichoke Basille (the square. really. it's that good. crisp, rich, oily.)
  7. Totonno's (the most consistently made pizza, paper thin crust, smokey coal oven)
  8. Pizza Mezzaluna (wood-fired, Neapolitan-inspired)
  9. Lombardi's (America's first licensed pizzeria)
  10. La Villa (the DOC is wood-fired new york-italianess; bonus!: delicious house salad)


aducore said...

What? No Pizza Hut? Dominos? You've changed, man... I remember when you were all like "Thick bread-like crust with ketchup and american cheese is the way to go." Wait, that may not have been you, that might have been nobody.

Ben said...

Silly Will. Nobody likes pizza... except, well, everybody.

Ben said...

And how does Sbarro not make the list?

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Haven't been to one in NY. I'm not sure it would be worth mentioning anyway...

Ben said...

Everyone knows that Sbarro is the best pizza on Earth, just like everyone knows O.J. was really innocent, and the Earth is actually flat.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

well, yeah, it's a gimme. saying that sbarro's is the best is like saying that i drink the blood of christian babies to quench my thirst after eating a hearty meal of elk womb and hamster brains.

Emiko said...

did I ever tell you that I think you are adorable?? I know men hate this word but I know you. I know you can take it like a man. And then of course, you will tell me that listing places where you had pizza does not make you adorable and then go on the rant of english words that are misused in our culture. who's culture? your culture! And then I will fall in love with the fainster all over again. Oh, and i don't think I've ever told you that you are crazy. But you are. this list proves it. Only in a good kind of crazy, just like me!!!! amore!