Monday, July 31, 2006

do you remember the time?

do you remember when i used to post on this thing all the time... and by all the time i mean maybe once a week? yeah. that was the best. for anyone who actually still reads this thing, i'm headed to new zealand on the 9th. hip hop hooray.

i got a couple of my first palgrave jackets back from the printer and, i'm not gonna lie, they look pretty sexy. thumbnails here and here.

this bullshit in the middle east is out of control. as my cousin pointed out yesterday, we've successfully created a crescent of shiite controlled countries surrounding israel, so there's really nothing to stop arms trafficking between iran and hezbollah stationed in lebanon. well done u.s., for taking out saddam and completing that nice little trade route. and well done israel, bombing both a u.n. station and 50+ refugees. i read in the post today that over 500 lebonese have been killed, most of them civilians. this isn't justice. it's revenge.


Em said...

nice designs! they are rather hot. i love the contents of the virgins book- funny titles.
so? hang out before you go i hope?
i'm moving/working on blood wedding all week. but around.
hope to see you in the next couple days- lunch maybe..?

TizzleMizzle said...

Hey Im from New Zealand - I found your site when I was searching people who liked the band Supergroove.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

cool. it's a shame their existence was so short lived. at least che nes is still making music. i heard he's coming out with a greatest hits album later this month...