Tuesday, September 19, 2006


here are some photos from our trip to the auckland zoo. here we found lots of things you don't normally find in new zealand, like wallabies, turantulas, and oranutangs. we also found the following.

this emu was all up in my grill. i would've been pecked to death if not for my ability to fly away to the south pole where i met...

... a small penguin named earl. he liked flapping his wings instead of his mouth though he still couldn't fly. what a loser.

this is a tuatara. the third eye is all covered up because he or she is an adult. tuatara's get pretty big. at least, much bigger than i initially thought based on their 1 cm length on the 5 cent coin. the coins are endangered just like the tuatara. the coin is due to go the way of the dodo at the end of october.

chicken hakka noodles were not on exhibit.

a spider monkey named chet. ok, he's not chet. he's larry. but the only way i could tell is by squeezing his liver. spider monkeys are hard to catch and they don't like their livers squeezed.

a mara. no, not my sister. but a rat-kangaroo-horse thing. i can't make this shit up.

* * *

early tomorrow morning brendan and i head off to see the rest of the pretty north island. updates and photos will be posted probably a lot less frequently. well, photos less frequently for sure.

in other news we went to a taqueria today. the first mexican food we've had in weeks. it was kind of like a local version of chipotle, only not a chain. pretty decent stuff. the fish tacos weren't bad. we also went to the auckland library and read some comic books. i read the first alias collection. it was like the fish tacos. earlier this week we ate another pizza at al volo's that was better than the fish tacos. sunday, anton and i had a bake off. well, it wasn't a competition, we just made a lot of baked goods. he made two loaves of ginger cake and two loaves of honey cake. i made two loaves of honey cake, a flourless chocolate cake-y thing, three wedding cakes, a souffle, and an apple pie. and for dessert i made a kitten pie. kittens taste better than ginger. take that, anton!

ok. i have to go pack for a month's worth of travel business now.


Dad said...

Somehow you see NZ through a prism I don't recognize from my time there. Very different and much more humorous place these days I guess. Although, I do remember when we introduced the mara to Mara.

Emiko said...

did i ever tell you that you are weird?? cuz you are. now did you give these names or did they come with the names? you are so weirrrd. and that's why you are in league with me :) that's a big huge smile just in case you can't tell by the letters.

and is it just me or is the whole verification letter thing getting longer??