Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the janitor of the underground

monday i was approved on a provisional basis to be a caretaker of 128. there'll be a two month review of how i'm doing. and i pretty much move in as soon as i can find someone to replace me in the flat i'm currently in. so yeah. hooray!

currently listening to some reggae-inspired cover of billie jean on student radio.

more fun things: the owner of the gift shop i work in has apparently been negligent in paying rent. the landlord came in today and threatened to lock us out if rent wasn't payed tout de suite. no one has heard from him (the owner) in the past few days. where is he? i think there's a chance he's split the country. small but possible.

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Dad said...

Never a dull moment downunder!

Are you watching the cricket? Jake is all over the news coverage. Doesn't the America's Cup start soon? Is Grant Dalton in the news all the time these days?