Tuesday, July 24, 2007

intestinal feet

so what does one do when one is essentially unemployed, left to their own devices--no TV, no computer to call their own, no yo-yo? well, if you're me you try and rouse yourself at a reasonable hour, which seems to fall somewhere between 8:30 and 10, eat a breakfast of homemade muesli, if my intestines aren't still about to rupture from whatever feast i had the night before, and then do one of the following enjoyable activities:

-read a book
-collect money for Women's Refuge while staring out at the Wellington harbor on a beautiful saturday morning
-go for a three-hour bike ride around the southern coast of the city
-bake: bread, wheat-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies, or pizza (see below)
-watch knocked up

being mostly unemployed isn't as bad as it sounds...


Emiko said...

being unemployed is awesome. one should be unemployed more often!

Joshua said...

You should sit on your stoop and play Bizmarkie.

Hatty said...

According to Amie, I am a "woman of liesure" do to my unemployment status. However, that all changes Monday morning at 8:30.