Monday, August 27, 2007

from slice @ seriouseats

who thought this was a good idea?


Emiko said...

hahah. lol.
i didn't know about the korean ones, but i totally know the japanese ones. now you can have half the pie filled with weiners and the other half with cheese.

they've also had mille-feuille pizza in the past. it has like three layers consisting of untra thin crust, layer of some disgusting cheese, another thin layer and the toppings. needless to say, it did not look appetizing!

Emiko said...

Emiko said...

you gotta give them credit for making the most complicated pizzas though. pizza with pie crust, pizza with danishes at the end. soon it will be pizza with kosher bagels, and donuts, or pizza with ice cream at the end. a meal and dessert all in one. :)