Wednesday, September 19, 2007


the candy-coated lure of the shiny hi-def idiot box is truly remarkable. two hours of Undeclared on DVD (all hail Judd Apatow) and an hour of the Daily Show makes for a quality evening of entertainment. i'm tricking myself into thinking that if i'm selective enough about my viewing that my brain won't become slothful.

today i woke up at 7:30 to go to a class that the teacher bailed on midway through due to some kind of reception that she was required to attend and only just found out about. there was no lecture. just lab time, which meant half the class got down to the business of inking their projects--business which could have been accomplished in the comfort of my own home--and the other half texted on their sidekicks or surfed the net. MK ain't no VC (apparently the "K" actually is for "Learning").

and bless these men:

mr. poise, I presume:

this man is my age. he gets knocked over by angry, muscly men for a living. he also throws oblongs at people. well done, sir. an extra serving of lard to you and your humpbacked, oswegan poodle.

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Benjamin Storer said...

As a former MK'er, I can tell you that the K stands for Kwality.