Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i expectorate better

i'm not entirely sure what the latest typography assignment was supposed to imbue in the young, impressionable minds of my classmates other than if you organize letters in a certain way, you can make a picture resembling a face. the kids in my typography class seemed to like the image i made of a collection of characters (century gothic bold--point sizes vary) depicting a face vomiting other characters. the kids like the puke. it reminds them of halloweens of yore, their kid sisters' birthday parties, apple pie, and fields of corn.

when my prof. saw my preliminary sketch, she asked, "what is that?"

lady, if you can't tell it's a face coiled in on itself while disgorging the subject of your class back at you, than i can't help you.

contempt is probably too strong a word to use at this point, but frustration certainly applies on occasion.


Emiko said...

now how come you haven't uploaded this image so we can all enjoy it.

Shiny said...

Yes please show. C'mon.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

don't have a scanner large enough. sorry. it's a 11x17. our scanner beds don't look much bigger than 10x12 or so. and while its something i'm fairly pleased with in terms of an exersize, its not something i'm gung-ho about advertising.