Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"these aren't the droids we're looking for"

the journey continues onwards and a little to the left. 9 days in ithaca dark city, which actually churned out a little sunlight while i was there. sarah is americorp-ing in law offices, working to help people get disability aid from the government. the great catsby is adjusting to life outside of small apartments in the big city, cautiously exploring the new pet-filled landscape, being a bit of bitch to sarah's other cats and trying to reclaim her girlish figure, which had ballooned in sarah's absence (the theory is comfort eating). anna and susanne say, 'hi,' and 'i wish you were here.' ...please call them--they would love to hear from you.

4 days in nyc. poorly organized on my part. no one really knew i was coming. i just kind of showed up, but i've managed to see quite a few people anyway. had some pizza at patsy's on 11th and university, chilled out at the old office complex, watched an episode of the wire with carrie hanksering-for-a-chilicrowtherfabercheese dog, &c.

had my first experience at b&h, the magical gadget wonderland. it's what i imagine an international space station will be like in the year 2073. lots of hustle and bustle, many queues of people surrounding islands of gadgetry, with lots of signage everywhere. they conveyor-belt all the gadgets from the customer service agent who answers all of your questions to the cashier/merchandise pick-up area. these people are often on different floors. you get tickets from one agent to give to another. you wait until the next available agent's numbered light blinks. these sorts of things. and then when you're done with your purchase, after picking up your bag from bag-check, there's a little decompression chamber that allows you to sort through your new gadgetry while comfortably sitting down. in my case it wasn't really gadgetry that i sorted through, but rather a lens-cap and a battery for the minolta i found in cgr's distro building. for those curious, the battery doesn't seem to make the light meter thing run. also, minolta no longer exists. it seems it was purchased by sony. or konica. or both. also: carrie curlycheesefries gave me another lens. i have a collection of two now. film is the new plaid.


Emiko said...

are you driving out west? i am so jealous of all your traveling!

Flushy McBucketpants said...

flying on wednesday. couldn't find a ride, so i'll have to flap my wings.

Emiko said...

don't get too close to the sun. the wax will melt and your wings will fall apart. there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. :P