Friday, June 27, 2008

selfish bastard.

Holy fuck! I made good pizza. The crust was crisp yet pliant, dotted with not-quite-char and the edge was light and puffy. Basil was from me ma's herb garden. I used my patented double-bake technique--first with just the sauce and then again with the cheese. This keeps the cheese from burning while still allowing the crust enough time to get a little crisp. Total bake time was 6-7 minutes, which is probably the best I could hope for in a conventional oven.

Sadly, there were no live witnesses and I had to eat this pizza all by my lonesome (it's a hard knock life).

Two things I did differently: used more yeast in my dough mixture and set the oven to broil. I also wisely waited for my dough to rise in the fridge overnight. I also probably kneaded the dough less than I usually do, though I think this has little to do with my success. I'm going to go with Jeff Varasano and say that the rest time is more important for purposes of gluten-osity.

I've got three more balls of dough left, which hopefully will still be in good shape tomorrow for more pizza-making. Pizza anyone?

I was probably a little light on the cheese.

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Emiko said...

brilliant! will brilliant! yeah, i'd go with more cheese, but yum!!! do you do delivery??? my address is...