Sunday, December 14, 2008


wordpress is nice, but for some reason they make embedding things like video a pain in the ass. also, i do like not having to pay for the privilege of altering my html and css when i want. as such, i've come crawling back to blogger begging for forgiveness.

* * *

muxtape in all its original freewheeling glory was killed by the RIAA, but there are a couple websites vying to be legit replacements. one of them is 8tracks.


Claire said...

This is timely, because I've been thinking of starting one up and I was so charmed by your wordpress layout that I was going to head straight there. Maybe not.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

glad to be of service.

Michael Hart said...


WP plugins are still accessories you have to shop for, even though most are free; for instance, I use "Viper quicktags"...( ) makes embedding video simple; click an icon, paste the video's URL, done.

I host my blog, so the html and css issues are my own. The latest WP, 2.7, is another incremental improvement, but it keeps getting better and easier, and I like that. For what it's worth.

BTW, I wound up here after reading your comments on Alex Leo's post about advertising sexism. Well said.