Friday, April 03, 2009

the return of the all-seeing eye

my new, refurbished camera arrived in the mail the other day, fully formed with a working LCD display and everything. it fits snugly in my right pants pocket. i will try and use it to better document the comings-and-goings, ins-and-outs, hithers-and-thithers, repetitions-and-redundancies—the general hurly burly of everyday life in my little cloud of subjective reality. at some point this may mean additions to the long stagnant flickr page. its arrival is also just in time for my exploratory thrust into to the southern areas of the western continental united states. point being, if i can figure out how to the the photos off the goddamn thing, then there may be some photos of things besides pizza on this log of electric information.

image stabilization rulez.

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