Wednesday, March 10, 2010

short rounds.

so i made this machine here at Laurel's urging. it's inspired by the "italia"—one of the pizza images on the pizza mania apron that my aunt gave me. that there is a ring of spinach on the outside. it was a little heavy on the toppings and the spinach could've used a little salt and garlic, but otherwise, it was okeedokey.

i'm gonna ride on the coattails of This is Pizza again for a moment, if i may. they recently posted a review of Pizza Depokos, a new pizza cart curiosity up in NoPo.

the good:
  • pleasant smokiness right outta the wood burning oven
  • nice char and chewiness on the crust
  • friendly service
  • our pesto, olive, fresh tomato, and cheese pie had a nice balance of flavors—the salty and sweet of the olives, the nutty-savoriness of the pesto, and the creamy cheese

the bad:
  • the tomato sauce was both too heavily applied and too richly seasoned for my taste—it's a thick, almost pasta-y sauce; some people will likely dig this, but it threw off the balance for me

the ugly
  • the blurtastic upskirt shot, which is unfortunate because the char is so purty

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Pizza Depokos said...

The sauce was applied a little thick on your fresh mozz. pie. We generally don't have to pop air bubbles on our pies due to the amount of toppings keeping the crust flat underneath it. We may tweak this in the future, I like light sauce myself. Glad you liked the pesto. Your blog is fantastic.