Saturday, August 12, 2006

day 2, rainbow 4

wandered around auckland today. bought a cell phone, looked for a pair of jeans... apparently i failed to pack a pair (...because, really, who needs pants?), ate at some tastey asian place for lunch, hit up the auckland domain, dropped by the museum, but didn't purchase entry as we'd missed the last maori cultural performance for the day. promised ourselves we'd come back. walked the 8k from auckland to the bruell's in st. helier's. got soaked through by sideways rain.

... made with real malaysians--spicy!

graphitti bores brendan, pictured sleeping whilst standing

an old railyard near the auckland domain

auckland, city of rails.

rainbow #2... #3 was actually just to the left and #4 appeared later


Sandy & Susan Fain said...

Pretty good rainbow count so far. Just wanted you to know we're checking your blog regularly.


snarkygirl said...

great noodles! i can't believe your heart of darkness can detect rainbows...I'm just jealous because I can't see them. Like my reflection in a mirror. Hope you're doing alright, confused as to customs snafu, though. did they actually clean your boots? there's some tupperware in your old office that they should have done while they were at it...