Monday, December 11, 2006

camels are momos.

last we met, i had yet to walk about on a river of ice. well, i now can check that off my list. our first effort at fox glacier was a bust. three days of driving rain made sure of that. instead we watched a bunch of films on their giant projection tv, including new zealand's most famous domestic flicks whale rider and once were warriors. we ended up deciding to push on up to franz joseph, the other glacier of note on the south island's west coast. we were lucky to be gifted a lovely overcast afternoon sans rain, allowing us to go and stomp on some ice. as usual, photos tk.

from there it was off to hokitika, jade carving center of the universe. after an afternoon carving cow bone, which is cheaper than jade and a softer object to work with. we then bounced off to greymouth, which is pretty much solely known for the monteith's brewery, where i had a tour and tasting (i recommend the black, radler, and summer ale, though they all seemed to be pretty decent beers to me, as beers go).

we made it all the way over to nelson, where we're presently stationed. today is probably the best day of weather we've had since arriving in the south island. it is warm, sunny, with clear skies and a light breeze. most of the day was spent wandering town looking at art galleries. i also paid a local artisan cut my hair off for the low, low price of NZ$10, which is like $6.70 in real money. the coiffure took about two and half minutes to complete.

other things accomplished in the past couple of days:
1. ate fresh fruit: banana, mango, cherry variaties
2. saw new bond film: bad ass. best bond since goldeneye (same director... go figure)
3. made more bone carvings: tutorial by german immigrant stephan, who refused to breath when he talked, preferring to push out every syllable from his thought process until he ran completely out of breath.
4. went to the world of wearable art.
5. saw the holiday: not bad for a holiday-based romantic comedy, a little bit too much on the cheesy side though. kate winslet and cameron diaz are fine. jack black doesn't play a complete ass, which is surprising. the same can probably be said for jude law, who plays an awful lot of jerks. it's the first likeable guy i've seen him play since he was in enemy at the gates.


em said...

dude, wasn't the bond film so awesome?! i don't know...i don't really follow bond at all, but boy did i enjoy this one. even the opening credits rocked! i've been thinking about seeing the holiday with my roommate ali, just for indulgence purposes. but the two of us have seen the commercials so frequently, we feel like we've already seen it. it has a place in our media-sodden hearts.
i'm glad you ate fruit.
i'm air-mailing hugs to you and brendan.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

we appreciate the hugs. that bond movie was bad ass. the freerunning at the beginning was so cool.

i'm going to go learn how to cry blood now.

Dad said...

Sorry to hear that the weather has been so bad. If your best day is one with an overcast, I'm guessing the weather has really limited your serious and full enjoyment of the outdoors. But it sure sounds like you've found plenty of other entertainment.

Totally agree about the Bond movie. Finally they've taken the brand beyond stunts and silly sarcasm and put some drama and suspense into the script.