Saturday, December 16, 2006

yeah, whatever.

a brief photo dump. just some highlights, but by no means all of it. gotta post before the internet cafe closes. click to enlarge.

just got back from here... being able tasman national park

the routeburn track

the milford track

patagonia: dessert! it's what's for dinner... and breakfast.

penguins at a reserve near dunedin

and some other ones...

best big-screen internet spa-pool in arthur's pass. the campervan conference garden is also nice.

takahe's are awesome.

ladies, brendan makes good funny faces. that's talent.

...says it all.

not funny, but ferny... so bad, yet so, so good.

1 comment:

Emiko said...

not only does brendan make funny faces, he makes many funny faces. many tiny funny faces. there are many brendans!!!!

ferny? are you mad???