Monday, January 29, 2007


my apologies mr. blog. i have been neglecting you. i hope social services doesn't haul you off and put you on some dreadful foster server where i'll never find you again and you'll be forced to sit idly in some archive. poor mr. blog. i'll try and make it up to you this week.

i've moved into my new flat. the first night was marred by some kind of drunken cook-off at 5am. i found the kitchen caked in rice and broccoli the next morning. it looked like the culprit(s) were lucky to get out with their lives. since then things have been pretty much hunky-dory. i feel kind of like i've moved back into college dorms with my bedroom being home base and the hallway being tramped through at all hours. the coffee table where people often used to eat was crushed in a going away party for the flatmate i replaced, so there is currently no surface to set a plate on. on the bright side, i did watch the first 1/3 of the deer hunter with a flatmate last night. but it got late, so i skipped the rest of it. also there are showers in this residence, which there are not at 128.

the job search continues. had an interview/tour-of-the-premises at design zoo, a retail shop and gallery that sells design-y things. seemed to go okay, but who the hell knows how it'll turn out. i also received a message earlier today telling me that my magazine publishing experience was not up to snuff and so i was not offered a job as a part-time office manager at the offices of first floor publishing.

i attended my first rehearsal of no home neville, the show i'm lighting for the fringe fest here. it looks promising.


Emiko said...

i'm glad that mr. blog is neglected not. hurray for mr. blog

Emiko said...

mr blog is feeling throughly rejected. i can tell. i am one with mr. blog.