Sunday, February 04, 2007

i am job.

got provisionally hired by design zoo today. i'll be selling be cool-looking things. wednesday is my start date. and, of course, just after i accepted the job at design zoo, i got a call asking if i could start tomorrow at pandoro panetteria, which i no longer can. ideally, i'd work part time at both, but they're both looking for full time employees.

in other news, the superbowl is turning out to be a sloppy, but relatively entertaining game.

go colts!


Emiko said...

wee. congrats. which place do you want to work at more though? and i thought you couldn't work full time, cuz you're on the working holiday visa. or does that not really count?

wishing you the bestest!

aducore said...

I was watching the superbowl, and after initially favoring the patriots my dad and brother told me that they aren't playing, so it isn't a good bet, so I decided to root for the Bears because, you know, I didn't really care either way but figured I should pick sides. Man did I pick wrong. Serves me right for not knowing anything about american football, or football for that matter. I did, however, get into a heated argument with my dad and Shanni about the relative sizes of american football and real football fields. I said real football fields were bigger than american football fields. Then gloated when wikipedia backed me up. (I only say "real" because you're in NZ, and are a soccer fan, and are liable kick one of those mother-fucking balls into my face if I say otherwise.)

Congratulations on the job.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Yeah, after hearing reports of how Bears fans treated the Saints in the NFC championship game (saying things like "we're gonna end what Katrina started"), I felt it was the right thing to do to root for the colts. Plus Peyton Manning is just so darn likeable.

Soccer fields aren't always larger than football fields though. There's a range of sizes that meet Fifa standards.