Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bert and gonzo

so this guy, alberto gonzales, right? he's, like, the attorney general of the united states. he totally admits mistakes happened in the firing of these prosecutors 'cause of their political loyalties. says he takes responsibility. then he defends the firings. he's all like, "i stand by what we did, yo's. and i take responsibility." what's that's about? what does that even mean: "i take responsibility?" what kind of action comes outta that shit? and then, like, all these democrats and a couple republicans were wanting to kick this idiot guy out 'cause he be a crazy hypocrite bitch. and i'm like, well, why did you fools give him the job to begin with? and check--he said he ain't quittin and his buddy george ain't gonna fire him over small-time shit like that anyways. so stop your bitching and get back to work.

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Ben said...

Once you say you take responsibility, it's all over. Everybody's like, "Oh? You take responsibility? Cool. Let's go get some tacos and forget the whole thing."