Thursday, March 15, 2007

who's the marketing genius who came up with that one? seriously., seriously, i want to know.

My most recent pizza:

the crust on this joint right here was made with mostly 00 flour from Italy. the biga (aka yeast starter) was made with the stone ground organic stuff that i'd used in my previous pies and fresh, compressed yeast. when kneading the dough, i mixed in more of the organic stone ground shiznit. this 00 flour, which is extra finely ground, takes longer to bake than your standard stuff to get any kind of charring. it's something related to the hydration percentage i believe. in any event, i tried double-baking this crust. i put it in for a few minutes with only the sauce on it. and after about 5 or 6 minutes, pulled it out, added cheese, oil, and basil and stuck it back in for another 7 minutes-or-so. you can see some halfway decent charring starting to form on the bottom. the problem with this is that the crust dries out and your left with a pretty crunchy cornicione. i'll have to work with this a little more.

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Sheena said...

Yeah, Nad's is some weird shit. I believe the product's creator named it for her daughter, Nadine whose nickname is "Nad." The similarity to "'nad"s in this instance is both humorous and unfortunate.