Friday, November 09, 2007

bubble bubble

so about 5 minutes after i woke up this morning, i got some chest pains a-goin'. i figure, it's probably no big deal. i've had minor blips of chest pains since i was like, 14. they'd last for like 90 seconds, really just kind of a combination of an acute and dull pain when i'd breath in. it kind of felt like a bubble expanding in my chest putting pressure on my chest cavity. so, i think wait a couple minutes and it will go away. 20 minutes later it's still there. so off to the emergency room i go. an ekg, chest x-ray, blood test, and a nap later, and the results are in: i do not appear to have a heart disease. the doctors also think they can rule out a blood clot in my lungs (which apparently are large according to the... uh, x-rayist? x-ray taker? x-rayer?). my diagnosis is nondescript chest pain. the theory is that it's some kind of muscle strain or pull or something. i'm not sure i buy into that, but considering everything else came back negative, i've got nothing else to go on either. note: plan your emergency room visits early in the morning. i got there a little before 9am and there was no wait. when i left at 11:30am, the place was packed.
and can i ask what the deal is with the facebook add-ons? am i the only one who's put off by the fact that these widgets like the zombie biting and the super wall or fun wall or super happy fantastic wall--whatever the fuck it's called--and so forth are made by unnamed third parties who want access to the information on my profile? i'm just saying, if i'm going to let them know who i am, i want to know who they are.


Sanity Clause said...

You call that an ER story???!!

Check into:
This Week on ER
Now there's an ER story any Vassarite should be able to grok.

Adrian said...

I'm glad it wasn't serious. My husband (how weird is that) gets chest pains sometimes. A nurse told him that they may be related to the excess love he carries around his middle, but not in the heart disease kind of way, the physical way. While I haven't seen you in awhile, I'm gonna take a guess that's not your problem.... Or maybe she said that was related to his back pain.. Now I can't remember. Anyways, don't die. Please.

Emiko said...

i love sanity clause's comment!
i've decided that most of the times doctors can't tell you what is wrong with you unless it's on grey's anatomy. (don't tell my cousins that i said this, as i just insulted their profession)

maybe you are too skinny and your body tries to fight it. maybe your outsides are caving in and pressuring your insides.

don't die, that would suck.

stuckinny said...

are you ok?! i had major sharp pains in my stomach the other day. i thuoght i was dying. turned out to be gas. good think i didnt go to the er cuz it' woulda been super embarassing.

i hope your chest pains go away!