Saturday, November 10, 2007


condition seems to have improved somewhat since yesterday. i'm not in perpetual discomfort in the chestal area, just when i breathe in real deep like.
one more show to run and then i'm a free man. until tuesday, when i'm hanging lights. and possibly next week if i get another lighting gig.
and i ate a flan today. coconutty.

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Emiko said...

i made flan the other day. it was good. did you know that flan is a spanish or maybe it was portugese, i looked it up once but now i can't remember. we just call it custard pudding here in japan. it's way popular, and you can get it at every supermarket, dept store, convenience store.

also, in all japanese dept stores, there is a full floor dedicated to sweets. sometimes 2 floors. take that for intensity!