Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tyler and his bikes; Nutmeg is sunshine; Tallie McOneball looks over his broken bike with Tyler

a kiln at the kiln and pottery expo

Chicken Box don't lie

People overlooking the levee at the kiln and pottery expo by the Industrial Canal

today, i found an old minolta camera with a telephoto lens in the old distribution house. i have no idea if it has film in it or if it even works at all, but i've been pretending like it does. i also found a canon eos, but it needs a battery or two, which i don't have in my possession. if i can find a place that actually sells batteries and film (whatever that is...) maybe i'll try using a real camera for once. i've gotta figure out how to open up that minolta first though.

apparently built to spill played a benefit gig for common ground last night. i mean, i know they did--i was there--but no one seemed to know about it until like the day before. the set was mediocre... like day old bread. they did play the longest, and possibly worst, encore ever. 20 minutes of white noise.

business at CGR keeps bouncing along ever so uncontrollably. yesterday there was massive confusion about how many volunteers were to be apportioned for each project, and Zeke (the co-head of the megan perry healthy soil project) got the fantods.

i've managed to pretty much stay away from the spring break-y bullshit and have been trying to garner my own pet projects. over the following couple of weeks i oughtta be building a couple of desks and helping set up the LAN in the new office suites along with my general helping hand to the bioremediation and gardening projects. Additional avoidance of spring breakness included moving out of the short-term volunteer housing and into "yellow brick," the house reserved for long-termers. we've got a room with extra-long bunks designated specifically for tall volunteers. you must be at least six feet tall to ride that ride. the morning was spent raising the top bunks higher so the people on the bottom bunks wouldn't wack their noggins so often. it seems like everyone can now sit up in bed. the real upside to the move is that we only have four people in our room as opposed to six. the downside is that we no longer have enough mattresses to go around, so i'm now sleeping on my camping mat. the upside to that is that my camping mat is actually pretty comfortable.

oh yeah, and we have bicycles now.


Shiny said...

Chicken Box! Get it? Box = bok bok, plural.

Or not. I'm the only person who would see that.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

yeah... we laughed at one of the other meanings of box.