Sunday, March 16, 2008

brad pitt 4 u

just met brad pitt and bill clinton. i'm encasing my shaking-hand in bronze. brad said, "hi," and "thanks for all your work." to which i replied, "no, thank you!" We are so close, we're like conjoined twins now. and bill really liked my shirt. he said, "heh heh... vampire. that's good."


Emiko said...

nice. now you're buddy buddy with celebs!!
and thier asses. awesome. you're so funny!

snarkygirl said...

I wonder how many people have gone gay for Brad Pitt?

Shiny said...

I'm going gay for Brad Pitt right now. He's my kind of lady. But I think that second pic is Will. What're you trying to pull, anyway, Mr. Pants?