Friday, May 09, 2008

just what is this... thing... called portland?

oh, happy day. oh, happy, sunny, nearly warm afternoon. bath me in your pleasantness. wrap me in the blueness (spotty) of your sky.

sometimes flowers aren't enough, ya know.

it seems that i may have my first bit of temporary employment with what looks like will be some lame-o financial company. i will detail it later after it begins, but probably not particularly thoroughly as i feel that would lead readership to drop from what is already a pretty lowly number. the consolation is that i know i will not have to work for a heinous financial company longer than a couple of months. and hopefully by the time its over, i will have enough greenbacks to exchange for a computer that i can then use to service mankind for good and not villainy or mediocrity... or some other antithetical noun.

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dad said...

Don't sell your potential financial company employer short. You may find that it actually does some things that are good for humanity, like finance buildings where useful things are made, or help entrepeneurs, or provide money to people to buy houses, or assist people with managing debt they should have never taken on, or...whatever...look for the good...there is usually some there.