Wednesday, May 21, 2008

you wish you had what i have

as much as searching for a job can actually be a full-time job, there's only so much actual work to be done at a full time job. what is one supposed to do when searching for a job becomes an exercise in circularity? since it doesn't require me to be tied down to one location as would a regular job, certain things can be accomplished that, during a day of gainful employment, I would normally avoid, such as baking, cleaning, gardening, bike maintenance, and grocery shopping. leisure activities are also an option—reading, drawing, blogging, listening to the hype machine, watching episodes of chuck on hulu, &c. ultimately though, at some point boredom sets in, even if it's not a long term state of being.

tom has made doughnuts. they are delicious.
i made bread, which is not quite as delicious, but partners well with butter.

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dad said...

Do you believe in "relativism"? Boredom is important so you can know what unboredom is when you experience it. Its all part of the masterplan of the universe.