Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bitten by the Cold, Hard Reality of Biden.

really? the candidate of "change" picked a guy who's been in the senate since 1973? while i can't say i'm surprised by it, it's a little bit disappointing. Biden's politics aside (which are OK in a pretty standard democratic party way), why pick the stodgy white guy? i'm fully aware that how a candidate looks should be pretty low on the list of reasons to vote (or not vote) for 'em, but Biden looks like an actor cast as president in some B-action movie. i was hoping for a little Bill Richardson action, who besides being a governor, was ambassador to the U.N. (executive and foreign policy experience in one!). plus he's a bearded, rotund Hispanic-American, which is an unusual sight in the American political landscape. (yes, i'm aware of his ties to the oil industry, but, really, who is in a position of power that doesn't have ties to some kind of life-devouring corporate behemoth?)

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Emiko said...

i don't know either of these two men that you mention, but, from a photo, biden did not look very interesting. the article in which i read was also not very interesting... the thing is, how much foreign policy experience does one need?

you see, in the grand scheme of things, countries exist for centuries, people on the other hand have only managed to do decades... whatever expertise that one can gain in a lifetime... i mean one person alone seems irrelavant in ending wars or starting them...

i mean after bush, i understand the appeal to value this so called experience, but i'd just hate to see "hope" or "excitement of change" be watered down by this thing called experience, when this experience is simply so limited.

theres just never enough experience that one can have for major problem solving on the global scale.. or maybe im just skeptical... and apathetic.

anyway, happy first day of work! i send you cheers via the internet.