Wednesday, August 20, 2008

weezer is cool again

Teenage Victory Song, a site attempting to review every single Weezer track in existence, has articulated my feelings about the band far better than I ever could:

The chorus is pure melody and beauty, the lyrics offering a more universal counterpoint to the verse’s personal childhood references: “In the garage, I feel safe / No one cares about my ways / In the garage, where I belong / No one hears me sing this song.” It’s a somewhat easy rhyme, but it’s entirely forgivable considering its melody, the originality of the lyrics that come before and after it, and the fact that this more universal moment allows the listeners to make this song their own, even if they think Kiss is the worst band ever. “The garage” could just as well be your room, your apartment, your car — anyone who feels a little “different” from the simpletons of suburbia can relate to that. And then, “No one hears me sing this song” — it’s almost an open invitation to sing along in your own little world, privately wailing out of tune, fists pumping, loving every moment of it. “In The Garage” might as well be Weezer’s manifesto: secret anthems for the lonely ones.
Weezer also seem to have become so popular that they are uncool, which somehow makes them cool again.

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brendan said...

Blooog name change? You're so clever.