Wednesday, October 08, 2008

moldy gold.

McCain from last night's debate, in response to a question about priorities in his platform:

We can work on nuclear power plants. Build a whole bunch of them, create millions of new jobs. We have to have all of the above, alternative fuels, wind, tide, solar, natural gas, clean coal technology. All of these things we can do as Americans and we can take on this mission and we can overcome it.

My friends, some of this $700 billion ends up in the hands of terrorist organizations.

As far as health care is concerned, obviously, everyone is struggling to make sure that they can afford their premiums and that they can have affordable and available health care. That's the next issue.

What? How did that get in there? Is McCain implying that the bailout money is being handed to terrorists? Or maybe that the executives of the financial companies are terrorists? Which, if it's the latter, I would then agree. Perhaps atypical terrorists, but the crisis they've orchestrated is certainly terrifying. The $700 billion could also be a reference to some other pool of non-bailout money... who's to say what's going on in that pretty little head of his.

In other news, I've started going to this kickboxing exercise class with Tera and Marty (or Kung Fu class as Marty lovingly refers to it). It makes it hard to lift my arms, which I'm learning were not made for exercise, but rather for dangling.

Also: =w= concert tomorrow. I'm cautiously optimistic. Though they wouldn't have to put forth much effort to improve on their previous couple of performances I witnessed.

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Sanity Clause said...

I think he was referring to the other $700 bazillion figure that was bandied about before Paulson arbitrarily chose that figure for the bail-out jamboree. It happens to be the same number that T. Boone Pickens identified as the amount of money we (the good ol' USofA) spends on importing foreign oil in a year - I don't know if it's real or just something he pulled out of a hat, but it shows up in his early "pickensplan" web postings and seems to have been adopted by the McCain and Obama campaigns as gospel. Not that that makes his comments any more logical, of course, but I think it was a reference to "oil" money and not "money" money.