Friday, October 31, 2008

gchat, the economic crisis, outmoded halloweenisms

me:  people keep comparing this thing to the great depression... but no one seems to mention that we are a MUCH WEALTHIER country now than we were then...  i mean, things are going to suck, but not nearly as badly as they did in the 30s. 
Anna: I certainly hope that that is trueI imagine that it will suck a lot for a lot of people  but since I wasn't alive in the 30s, I really have nothing to compare it to 
me: also a good point.
and most people don't  we just know it was bad  and we don't want it

unrelated: the term "trick-or-treater" strikes me as a poor way to describe small children panhandling for candy. also, since the tricking is no-longer really part of halloween practice, it's misleading.

and i thought's definition was kind of amusing: (n) a children's Halloween practice of asking for treats from door to door under threat of playing tricks on those who refuse

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