Monday, February 15, 2010


Cake #1

Laurel's masterpiece.


Yesterday's bat-festivities were boffo.

+ 2 bat-cakes
+ 2 bat-movies
+ 5 bat-pizzas
+ 10 bat-people
+ and a few dozen bat-stickers

The movies viewed were Batman & Robin (in lieu of Batman: The Movie, starring Adam West & Burt Ward, which was unavailable at the video store... I thought it would fill the cheese quotient for the evening) and Batman Begins, which is still pretty badass. A shame about the Ra's al Ghul storyline, but it's not the worst thing to happen to a bat-film.

A special shout out to Brendan & Jess for their efforts: baked bat-brie, mint chocolate bat-sandwich cookies, bat-honey, bat muscle-rub, and bat-fabric softener (necessary to avoid the effects of bat-chaffing).

Justice was also served.

1 comment:

Shiny said...

WOW. Am so jealous. Erica made batcookies for the office and it was awesome, but I miss new batstickers! And those cakes look freaking delicioso.