Sunday, February 21, 2010


Carl McFaberpantalones was in town this weekend. He and the Patterson clan had me over on Friday as a guest pizza-maker in their lovely abode.

Making pizza in an unknown oven is always a risky proposition. You never know how the heat is going to work out. Everyone seemed pretty pleased with the results. Though the bake time for the pizzas was between 10 and 15 minutes, which was waaaay too long to make me really pleased with the final product. I mean, it did taste pretty good, but the edge crust became too dry while bottom of the crust in the middle of the pies barely were blonded.

I used the last three dough balls the next day at home and was satisfied with the results:

the kit and kaboodle

the pre-cut upskirt

the post-cut upskirt

A slice voguing with its hole structure in plain site—scandalous!

The rest of the weekend update:

The weather here has been ridiculous for the middle of February. Sunny and in the 50s. The cherry blossoms are already blooming. Daffodils seem to be contagious and gardens all over are showing symptoms.

This morning I had a lovely brunch comprising Amie's blueberry ladycakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit salad in the excellent company of Laurel, Tom, Amie, and her housemate Texas Pete. Post-meal we detoxed under the sun in Laurelhurst Park.

Anyone else out there addicted to the Dirty Projector's Bitte Orca? Kind of snuck up on me. At first I just found it to be an interesting, quirky bit of music. But somehow the oddball melodies have ingrained themselves in the ol' steel trap. Can't let it go.

I've also been rewatching Sports Night. Once the Natalie–Jeremy relationship gets going, that show is impossible to stop watching.

Bought a yo-yo.

Found ink refills for my Pentel brush pen.

Ate at Toro Bravo with McFaberpantalones, et al. I don't deserve to eat food that good. And! MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE.

Thanks Portland!

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