Sunday, May 09, 2010

Another Sunday Pizza or Four.

Moriah and Ian have conquered Bridgetown and left it in magnificent ruins. It will never be the same after they depart. They have slayed our first born and swallowed whole all the kale, doughnuts, and asparagus within sight. It's been awesome so far. Yesterday morning Moriah made a brunch consisting of a roasted asparagus and fennel salad topped with a sunny-side up egg (one for each of us), with a mescaline mix riding sidecar. And then in the evening we conquered Pambiche and Staccato Gelato.

Tonight Moriah made wilted kale with some citrus zest (AWE-some) and I made the pizzas.

Tomorrow brings Pine State biscuits and St. Cupcake.

Pizza documentation (that's Ian's documenting machine and hand in the upper-right):

Adam at This Is Pizza mercifully did not post images of the bottom of my crusts when posting about the the festivities the other week. Some of that pizza was, like, beyond blond. It was practically albino. Just to prove I'm not a complete hack, here's the upskirt of the first one out of the oven (generally the best baked of the lot) this evening:

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