Monday, May 24, 2010

another sunday pizza

tomato, vegan tomato-cream, pine nuts, salt, pepper, basil, olive oil

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vegan tomato-cream, pine nuts, garlic, mizuna (from Sauvie Island Organics CSA), salt, pepper, olive oil

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margherita #2

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margherita #1

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Foolish Poolish is right. The top rack is where it's at. I layered about three sheets of tin foil under my stone and placed 3 bricks around the sides (couldn't fit a 4th due to the oven light's placement). Aesthetically, these are some of the nicest looking crusts I've made. Could've used a touch more salt though.


Foolish Poolish said...

DAMNNN those are some serious looking pies Will - esp. the Mizuna pie which in my ignorance is an ingredient I never heard of before (thanks for the info link!)

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Thanks FP! I'd tried the stone on the top rack before with mixed results. I think the trick for my oven is the foil and bricks to better trap that heat at the top.

I'd never heard of mizuna either, until it showed up in my CSA subscription a couple weeks go. I have to say though, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tastier on pizza than arugula (rocket).

Adam Lindsley said...

Those pizzas look AWESOME. Really, really good. So top rack, lots of foil under the stone, and bricks to either long under the broiler?

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Bake time varied a little bit. I believe the first one took about 3 minutes and the ones that followed closer to 4.