Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Top five pizza places of the moment. (from 3/8/05)

My current top 5 pizza places of the moment (in order of best to worst) are:

1. La Villa, 5th Ave and Garfield (Their 'D.O.C.' Margherita with the fresh basil is delectable.)
2. Peperoncino's, 5th Ave and St. Marks (Their crust is perfect. Perfect.)
3. Franny's, Flatbush (Orangic goodness to sooth the soul, and they serve Virgil's root beer, which is the best carbonated beverage on the planet.)
4. Una Pizza Napoletana, L.E.S. (Fresh is as fresh does.)
5. Two Boots at various locations (It's the best slice around--even with their use of cornmeal.)

Honorable mentions include No. 28, Nick's, and John's.

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