Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yo' MoMA (from 3/14/05)

A summary of weekend events:

Friday evening: free evening at the MoMA with Emiko, then out for some Japanese food. Japanese food is full of tastey, exotic goodness. I highly recommend getting a Japanese roommate who knows where the good Japanese food is hidden.

Saturday: A viewing of the Animation Show in the company of Emiko, Brendan, Cecilia, and Sandy. The animation ran the gamut: classic 2-D, computer generated, painted, stop-motion, even some rotoscoping... there was some really amazing, beautiful, and funny stuff. If anyone gets a chance to check it out, please do. Like a Japanese roommate, I highly recommend it. Post-show led us to Hamburger-Eating-Fest 2005 at Silver Spurs. They make Hamburgers the size of cows there. Cecilia actually could not get her mouth around her burger. As the self-designated marm, I had a veggie wrap and no milkshake. We then walked off some of the cows that were ingested and in the process passed Crispin Glover and Dean Cain on the street at completely separate times. After that was dinner at Peperoncino's with Tera. The crust the second time wasn't quite as crisp. It could also have done with a little extra basil. Generally speaking though, food in New York is good. We then returned to her place and chilled out while watching bad music videos and the tail-end of You Got Served, which had some amazing break-dancing, but was a truly terrible movie.

Sunday: I got a gig doing some overhire tech work at the Actor's Studio couresty of Cecilia and Ben Aufil. Nice people, low stress, good pay. I hope to do some more work there again in the future. Oh, and Gabe Evansohn was also there looking disheveled as always.

Monday: was not the weekend. I've got a ton of manuscripts to get through. This includes estimating the page extent of the book when it's typeset, filling out pertinent data in Title Management, doing cost estimates, and getting through a million other small detail-oriented things. The dynamic of between the production assistants (me, Canadian Yasmin, Sir Ken, the Charismatic, and the newly acquired Cythia) seems to be pretty good judging by our funny, pithy email exchanges. We had a group lunch in our conference room. Joy was had.

Tomorrow brings John Peacock from England. John Peacock. England. The two go together like pasta and sauce.


aducore said...

I see you moved all your posts from your old blog. You know, rather than the "(from 3/14/05)" in each title, you can explicitly date blog entries. At least that's what I would say if I were clippy the friendly microsoft paperclip. But I'm not, so I won't say it.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Sorry for not being technically savvy with this one. In fact, I apologize in advance for all the technical unsavvy-ness to come. Please don't hurt me.

Anna said...

Couldn't you get a different template from Fuzzy? It's going to confuse me.

Anna said...

Also, it took me a good thirty seconds to figure out that you were flushy mcbucketpants. I think I have a sinus infection that's slowing my thought processes down to pudding speed.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Sorry Anna, I think this the most aesthetically pleasing template they offer. Mine has a green profile box on the right side, though, while Ducore doesn't. Also, please do not have a sinus infection. They are lame and do not belong in your not lame self.