Saturday, July 02, 2005

CC: Celf-Conscious

Disclaimer: I started writing this blog before Ducore wrote his self-blog analysis. I realize the structure of this entry is pretty much the same as his. What can I say? I'm a hack.

So, I've been reading other people's blogs (the one's listed in the sidebar and some others) and I can't help but compare my own their's. I find that the most compelling of these blogs contain basically three things (a) interesting subjects (b) analysis of those interesting subjects (c) humor. Looking back on my own writing, I can see the a fairly large portion of it is just a recapping of events without much analysis of those events. I am a lazy blog writer. While this may be fine for those of you who are just interested in reading about my minor triumphs and failures, it irks me. I don't like to consider myself a passive thinker (which is a contradiction), but apparently I am, or at least appear to be most of the time. I think in general, I'm actually a reactionary thinker. My mind stays dormant until I've been posed a question or problem to solve. I don't normally come up with the questions myself.

Perhaps part of this problem I have with this blog is that I'm just trying to cram too many events into one entry and I'm not willing to spend enough time on each event individually in order to give them the amount of consideration it would take to make the event actually read as something interesting instead of just as a statement of fact. In the future, I'll try and stick to fewer topics and try and put a little more effort into making them more compelling reads.

On another subject, I'll be in Maryland from Sunday evening through Tuesday evening. That's a fact.


aducore said...

Get out of my head and into my car.

Claire said...

I agree but am lazy. Also, there is now a TV in my house. Thus the one-sentence recaps of days gone by.

theresa said...

you feel the responsibility to analyze things because you're fresh out of vassar. i used to analyze things in my xanga. but no one was smart enough to respond and analyze with me. so i stopped. hah. i blame my boring blogs on my unsmart e-friends.

theresa said...

oh and there's an awesome awesome awesome group performing on july 14th at prospect park for free. OZOMATLI . oh my gosh, i'm dying inside from excitement.