Thursday, July 28, 2005

For the benefit of Yasmin...

... more cat pictures! Yaaaaaaaaay!

...I took Catsby to the vet today. Apparently he's a she, which is to say the vet who originally examined her, didn't do a stellar job (though his respiratory problem seems to be gone). She may have ringworm though, which is bad because ringworm is contageous... on the bright side, that would explain why she's losing hair from her ears and tail. Also on the bright side, she tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia.... And! she's void of earmites! Hooray!

This is my life now.


Anna said...

My cat, Jack, had so many ear mites when we took him to the vet. There was so much waxy-earmitey build up in his ear that it took the vet a good half an hour to clean part of it out. And when she was cleaning, he would shake his head and fling big, like lima bean size chunks of wax onto us. They cleaned his ears out completely when he was neutered, but I had to clean them again a week later. I think he just has really waxy ears.

Good thing you didn't name your cat anything male specific and then have to change it later. When we first got my sister's kitten we thought it was a boy, so we named it Dexter. We went to the vet who then told us it was a girl. So, Karel thought Dexter was too masculine of a name. She named her Toby instead.

Monster/DVDA/muffin/Davida said...

I got ringworm once, but alas, it was not the kind that glows in the dark.