Saturday, October 28, 2006

food food food

green-lipped mussels paired with a monteith's radler from taste, wellington

pomodoro pizza's italian pizza oven

a margherita from pomodoro pizza, wellington

the lovely charing from a pomodoro slice

a margherita from archie's pizzeria, newmarket, auckland

the crisp crust from archie's (a little too crisp at the edges)

the dairy section of a wellington dairy

sacher torte from a fancy bakery (not as good as mom's). it had no jam.

lamb and a monteith's black from plateau, taupo

venison from plateau, taupo

1 comment:

Dad said...

Will -- if you and Brendan are eating the food in these pictures, you are eating much too well! Whatever happened to roll, a piece of cheese, and a few slices of salami eaten on sitting on the curb in front of a deli?