Thursday, October 12, 2006

more photos are tk.

sadly, excruciatingly slow upload speeds have hampered further photo postings for the time being. in their stead here's some text.

a depiction of a waterfall found in tongariro national park. it is not on the famed tongariro crossing, but is nestled somewhere between mt. ruapehu and the mountain used as mt. doom in the lord of the rings films (its real name escapes me). we stopped there with the kiwi expierence bus on the way from taupo to river valley.

a zombie from the "march against the living." some info here and here. they're protest cry was a nice call and response piece:

what do we want?
when do we want them?

hopefully i'll be able to post some more pics soon.

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Hatty said...

that zombie photo is awesome. how? where? give us some details, pal. hope you and B$ are safe and happy