Saturday, October 28, 2006

wrap it up already

Sculpture at Te Papa in Wellington

Uh... yeah.


The following are shots of White Island, an active volcano off the east coast.


Dad said...

Can you tell us something about your trip to White's Island and your tramp across the Tongoriro Crossing? Great photos.

Emiko said...

oh will! you are still the greatest ever! but i must say, i think you are obsessed with pizzas. not that i didn't know that from before. but one of these days you will be sitting in a shrinks office lying with your eyes closed... saying... i i... i... just can't sssstttooop. i waaaaant pizza~~~~hhheeeelp me~~~~

your photos are great as usual. man, you really are talented. i don't understand why you keep saying things like you are average. cuz you aren't. you're super will! and i am so happy to be your friend. as usual, miss you!