Wednesday, January 30, 2008


we've moved a few blocks to from to common ground's digs on deslonde st., right where the barge burst through the levees. it's also where branjolina's make it right group (pink tents below) is situated. spent the day doing some sheetrocking and some gardening. the plan is to get in on some bioremediation work and work some at meg's community garden. the people here are pretty cool--a mixed bag in terms of ages, but a good slice comprises left-leaning 20-somethings. it's a bigger crowd and seems slightly better organized than lowernine, but it's also been around about 2 years longer. there are regular morning meetings and a weekly meeting, a chore chart, and running water and electricity. we're also provided 3 square meals a day.

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Emiko said...

that sounds good!!!
food is definitely important!

you are going to be such a skilled person, a house builder, gardener, fix the piping.. you'll be prime husband material.

ok, i think i have been in japan too long. did i just say prime husband material???

watch me die from laugher...