Wednesday, January 16, 2008

dude, we're finally landing

the heavens opened today, we took this largely as an excuse to sit around. well, that's only partly true. we took some time out to get some serious cleaning done. i wish i had "before" photos. the office/kitchen/lounge area we've been using was a complete shit hole. and now it's a slightly cleaner shit hole. at least it's functional and we've instituted a no-shoes rule, which will hopefully stave off a reversion to its previous state at least until we can get the actual LowerNine HQ up and running. we also started working on some brochures and on the website. so it wasn't completely wasted. we even had a couple of mobile attack units tackle some insulation and drywalling. dinner consisted of a po'boy and a freaking ginormous daiquiri from a drive-through daiquiri establishment. drive. through. daiquiris.

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Emiko said...

drive through daiguiri??? alcoholic??? driving????
you're cwazy.