Sunday, January 13, 2008

take it to the streets

two and a half years after katrina and the freaking street signs still haven't been replaced in the lower 9th. i spent some time today with tim working on making new ones.

the grilled chicken MRE is truly awful. it smells kind of like cat food. it isn't so much grilled chicken as modified soy protein with fake smoky flavoring and grill stripes painted on it. the chicken piece is also pentagonal (irregular). it does come with rice pilaf, which is delicious.


dad said...

Sounds like you need to venture out to find some real food once a day. Checking the blog regularly for more on your experiences and observations.

Shiny said...

Dare I dream that you're quoting the everlovin Doobies? Gosh.

Your MRE's sound like a fair sampling of my cooking. Remember to stab the leftover gristly bits with a toothpick stake and drown it in holy water lest in lurch back to life.

Emiko said...

or get some chocolate! i hear it's the champion of emergency foods. in addition to the obvious benefits of having calories and sugar, it also protects you from hippo attacks. in case you get attacked by hippos, you can feed them chocolate, and they will leave you be. supposedly, hippos like chocolate (dubious source aka the librarian). and thus would go for chocolate over boat, and humans infringing on their territory.

deep respect for you will, for your courage, and your lack of selfishness. stay well though. get warm food. your wellbeing is way too precious. because a well fed will=10 times as more powerful than an ill-fed will! is there perhaps an address that I can send you a package?

Flushy McBucketpants said...

the quote from the doobies i assume is the "take it to the streets" bit. wasn't my intention to quote. i figured it was just a bad cliche i was making more tired. the thing about the grilled chicken is that i'm not sure it was ever alive.

i've been to the grocery store a couple of times now, and every time i walk past the ghiradelli (or however it's spelled) i think "i should buy some of that." i haven't yet. i did buy some bananas and oranges today though. fruit is good.