Friday, January 16, 2009

it's a ho-hum life, for me.

so, no news right? i mean, we're all tired of talking about economics and the end of wealth, aren't we?

obama is still the front page story, even after almost two and a half months and i'm bored of him already. when do we get to elect another most powerful man in the world?

did you hear the lovefest that was the hillary clinton confirmation hearing? no two ways about it, senators love other senators becoming secretaries. no one really wants to listen to a bunch of politicians thanking each other profusely. it was boring. i give it a C-. when are we going to get on with the british parlimentary system where everyone yells at each other and the prime minister has to face his legislature and defend his position?

oh yeah, and birds downed a plane into the hudson river. you probably knew that. still. everyone survived. everyone. when was the last time an airliner crashed and everyone survived? i'm asking that in all seriousness. if anyone knows, please tell me.

Going to the Fountains of Wayne show tonight. It'll be an acoustic set. At least that's what they're advertising. They're probably best known for writing the music to That Thing You Do, their hit single Stacy's Mom, and co-writing a fair amount of the music to the Colbert Christmas Special. But, honestly, they are much better than any of those:

Fountains of Wayne—Valley Winter Song


Claire said...

Apparently no one has died on a US airline in the past two years-- this is some kind of record. This news came out four days before the plane crashed into the Hudson.

When I heard about the plane in the Hudson, it sounded like an awful jinx.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

two years? that's pretty amazing.